Paper List >> Volume 12،No. 2
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1Evaluation of stability and Marine Hazards Coastal zoning in southern province of Sistan and Baluchistan usingMohyeddin, Ahrari RoudiAbstract
2Delineation of groundwater recharge potential zones using weighted linear combination method (case study: Kuhdasht plain, Iran)Siamak, Baharvand, Jafar, Rahnamarad, Salman, SooriAbstract
3Warning and Rapid Estimation of Earthquake Damage (WARED) system: A New method for Rapid Determination of Earthquakes Damage and Fatality in IRANAbbas, KangiAbstract
4Tectonic of coastal- foothill region of Southwestern Caspian with a view on the marine hazardsAnahita, KeynezhadAbstract
5Improvement of CL soil engineering properties by using of silica and kaolinite nanoparticlesMoharram, Majidi, Ali, Uromiei, Mohamadreza, NikudelAbstract
6Stability analysis and numerical modelling of toppling failure of discontinuous rock slope (A Case study)Shahrzad, Nikoobakht, Mohammad, AzarafzaAbstract
7Engineering geological assessment of the Shahid dam site (Semirom, Iran)Mojtaba, Rahimi Shahid, Fariba, Kargaranbafghi, Seyed Mehdi, Moosavi ,
Nima, Rahimi
8Engineering Geology Characteristics of Zarani Dam Site (South East of Iran) Emphasis Seepage from Foundation and AbutmentsMojtaba, Ansarifar, Jafar, Rahnamarad, Mahtab, AflakiAbstract
9Magnetite Cement Used in Oil WellsBehzad, Saeedi RazaviAbstract
10Temporal and Spatial Prediction of Rainfall-Induced Landslidesusing the Specialized TRIGRS ModelSahebeh,Sadeghi,Gholamreza,Shoaei,Mohammadreza,NikudelAbstract
11page 1-4Abstract