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Journal of Geotechnical Geology
ISSN: 2383-0883


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Concessionary: Zahedan Branch,Islamic Azad University

Managing Director: Associate Prof. Dr. J. Rahnamarad

Editor-in Chief: Prof. Dr. G. Lashkaripour

Executive Director: Assistant Prof. Dr. K. Shabani Goraji

Votes Page: F.Reiese

Proofreading (English): M. Razifard

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Journal of Geotechnical Geology
follows the Open Access Journal policy. All contents of
Geotechnical Geology are freely available in the web. Digital files can be read,  downloaded,  distributed,  searched,  linked and printed freely.
Year 9، No. 4
Winter 2014
Year 9، No. 3
Autumn 2013
Year 8، No. 4
Winter 2013
Year 8، No. 3
Autumn 2012
Year 8، No. 2
Summer 2012
Year 8، No. 1
Spring 2012
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